Switch and Save on Your Home Loan!

Have you taken advantage of Australia’s record low interest rates?

New data reveals 83 per cent of home owners continue to pay too much on their mortgage.

Home owners who refinance right now can put up to $1,500 back into their wallets every year.

For example: if you have a $400,000 mortgage with an interest rate of 4.25% and you switch to an interest rate of 3.69%, you could save $1,488 per annum or $37,040 over the life of the loan.

Switch and save on your home loan today!

Whether you refinance with a new lender or your current lender, Coronis Mortgage and Finance can get you there in 7-simple steps.

To download your free 7-Steps to Refinancing Guide, click here.

Alternatively, to book an obligation free consultation with your local mortgage broker today, fill out the form below!


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